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Full Structure Fumigation

Drywood termites are commonly treated by full structure fumigation for the most thorough control. Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) is introduced into the structure. The process takes a minimum of three days.

Full Structure Soil Treatment

Soil treatment for the control of subterranean termites can typically be completed inside of a day. An appropriate treatment solution is injected into the soil in regular intervals around the foundation as permissible.

Localized Treatment

Localized treatments can be performed as termite evidence occurs. However, localized treatments are not intended as a full structure solution for most single family homes.

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Wood Repairs

Light wood repairs can be performed upon damaged structures. Repair may vary upon structure limitations in which a licensed contractor can do the job. 

Preventative Treatment 
Preventative treatment can be provided to increase protective measures for one’s home and decrease chances of future invasions that can lead to structural damage. Services include: soil treatment, local treatment, cellulose debris removal, scrape and treat.
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